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We welcome you to our practice and deeply appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your child the best dental care from our dentists in Brookline. Every patient is special to our team. Our team takes great pride in making your dental experience as friendly, comfortable, and anxiety-free as possible. As multispeciality providers, our patients can conveniently receive all the dental treatment they need in our centrally located state of the art facility in Brookline. Our team specializes in orthodontics, preventative and restorative care, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic services, and periodontal care, gum health maintenance, and dental implants. We serve patients in Brookline and the surrounding communities including Chestnut Hill, Jamaica Plain, Brighton, Newton, and Boston. Our entire team takes pride in the helping each patient we see have a relaxed dental experience and enjoy a healthy beautiful smile!

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A child’s first impressions of the dentist can impact their attitude and commitment to good oral health care for the rest of their lives. Make sure they have an amazing experience with providers who really care. A pediatric dentist uniquely qualified, with two years of additional education, to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout all stages of childhood. Our pediatric dentist and clinical team examine and treat young patients in ways that help them feel comfortable and safe.
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We offer a full range of orthodontic services for children and adults. The American  Association of Orthodontics recommends children be evaluated for orthodontic care at the age of 7 to optimize a treatment plan if it is needed. Adults can enjoy a full range of orthodontic care as well including Invisalign invisible braces. It’s never too late to correct or perfect your smile!
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Excellent oral health is a key factor in your overall health and well-being. We partner with our patients to make a maintenance care plan customized just for them. Our adult preventative dentist and doctors work with you to prevent the need for more in-depth treatment by managing decay and keeping gums healthy.

Our dental specialists also offer our patient’s treatment options for sleep apnea. be a wide Sleep apnea symptoms can include feeling fatigued, jaw pain, headaches, and chronic snoring. We recommend a consultation with our team to determine the best treatment options for you. One of the more common treatments to combat sleep apnea is the use of a customized nightguard. View our sleep apnea page for more information and schedule your consultation today!
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Do you feel confident and happy with your smile? Our cosmetic team can help you with everything from whitening and correcting small imperfections, to complete cosmetic restoration. Our specialists work together right here in our office to create a customized treatment plan for your ideal smile!

Along with our cosmetic dental restoration services, we also offer facial rejuvenation treatments including BOTOX. BOTOX reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and neck, allowing you to achieve a younger-looking you. BOTOX can also relieve symptoms for jaw pain, TMJ, and migraine headaches. During your initial consultation, our team will explain how BOTOX works, which areas of your face will benefit from treatment the most, how much the procedure will cost, and more. Schedule your consultation today!
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If you are missing teeth dental implants may be a great treatment option for you. Dental implants function like a natural tooth root and form a permanent foundation for a custom replacement tooth that looks and feels just like your natural teeth. Implants are designed to last a lifetime and can help prevent bone loss and shifting of teeth adjacent to the open space in your gum line.
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Dental Implants
With a periodontal specialist on our clinical team we can help our patients care for their gums right here in our office. Maintaining excellent gum health, which may include deep cleanings and additional preventative care, can contribute greatly to your overall dental health. Our periodontist can also place dental implants without referring patients out to a secondary provider.
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