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21 Longwood Ave.
Brookline, MA 02446

5 stars 5
Friendly, efficient and pain free.

5 stars 5
After a very stressful finals period that resulted in a broken retainer, Brookline Dental specialists were quick to see me, very transparent with expected costs, and clearly explained my treatment plan. I appreciate their attention to detail and good communication! Thank you for supporting me during an already stressful time.

5 stars 5
Friendly, attentive, clean nice space. Sarah my hygienist did a great job, Dr Katrina was thorough and kind. Front desk staff are so nice and Anacelli at check out is super nice!

5 stars 5
I fly from Seattle to see Brookline Dental Specialists. I use the opportunity of visiting family to get the best dental care you can imagine. I refer my friends to Brookline Dental Specialists. The expertise, friendliness, and professionalism is unrivaled. Dr. Fattahi has an excellent bedside manner and knows his craft well. He found and took care a cavity early. The whole experience was as smooth as it couldve been. Sarah is the best hygienist Ive ever had. Shes highly effective at her job and makes you feel at ease throughout the experience. My teeth couldnt be cleaner and the experience of chatting with her can brighten anyones day. My brother described her as bubbly and charismatic. Overall, there is no better place to get dental care than Brookline Dental Specialists.

5 stars 5
First update - customer service I first came here for a consultation since I am VERY dissatisfied with my current provider at a chain in mass avenue Cambridge. I had three other consultations with different offices in different cities. Some took my insurance, some didnt. All had great reviews so you really have to go to different places to get the RIGHT FIT. What I didnt like about other places Everything is a rush Nobody has clear answers No help : guidance juts treatment plan with the total amount Lack of accountability Anti hygienic / safety practices What I liked about this: Dr Katrine doesnt under estimate the patients intellect and knows how to read the room and explains EVERYTHING. The staff is friendly and careful. They answer questions. They are professional. Referral: if they cant do something they have a network of people who CAN. Ill be updating the treatment plan when I get my crown and deep cleaning done in the next couple of weeks. So far, I decided to fix my insurance to fix this place. Good vibe, looks clean too!