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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When wisdom teeth cause problems, contact the team at Brookline Dental Specialists for a full evaluation.

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Does everyone grow wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth will come in differently for everyone. Some people might get two or four and others none at all. It varies individually.

Do wisdom teeth always hurt when they come in?

The sensation of a wisdom tooth coming in is similar to the feeling that an infant experiences while teething. Pain can occur if the wisdom tooth is coming up close to another molar.

When should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

If your wisdom teeth are positioned correctly in your mouth and not causing pain or crowding the other teeth, then you will not need to have them removed. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, then your dentist will recommend the extraction procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It all starts with an oral exam and x-rays of the mouth so that your surgeon can evaluate the position of the teeth and predict any present or potential problems in the future. Your dentist will also provide you with the appropriate anesthesia options to maximize comfort.

On the day of your surgery, we ask that a parent or responsible adult accompanies you to the office and plans to stay with you for the rest of the day. During the procedure, you will be given medication to help make the surgery more comfortable.

After your surgery, if you require stitches, they are usually the kind that dissolves in 3 to 5 days. Swelling around your jaw is a normal part of recovery. We recommend starting your post-operative diet with clear liquids such as jello and broths, gradually increasing in substance as your body will allow.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth removal, contact Brookline Dental Specialists.

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