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National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month

Category: Hygiene

National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month

October is National Dental Hygiene Month. Calling attention to this important aspect of dental care allows us to think more closely about what quality dental hygiene entails and reminds us that good dental hygiene is the first line of defense against serious dental issues and disease. Taking preventative care seriously… Read More

National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month: Kids’ Care 101

Teach Good Habits Early! At Brookline Dental Specialists, we know that when children develop healthy eating and oral hygiene habits at a young age, they can continue those habits into the teenage years and even adulthood. The earlier the better in fact! As part of National Children’s Dental Health Month,… Read More

Why an Appointment With Your Dental Hygienist is More Important Than Ever!

We are happy to announce that our office is re-opened and ready to schedule any overdue dental care that you, or your family needs, or may have postponed because of Covid-19 concerns. Excellent dental care can improve immunity and protect your overall health, and that has never been more important… Read More