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How Misalignment of Your Teeth Can Affect the Health of Your Smile

Category: Invisalign

How Misalignment of Your Teeth Can Affect the Health of Your Smile

If you think that orthodontic treatments are only for correcting the appearance of your smile, you are not alone. Most people think of traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners only as a means of straightening a person’s smile. However, these orthodontic treatments can also be used to fix malocclusion, the… Read More

Invisalign vs. Mail-Order Aligners: Don’t Compromise Your Smile!

Invisalign aligners have long been the gold standard for achieving a straighter smile. However, in recent years, mail-order dental aligners, also known as direct-to-consumer aligners, have begun to advertise themselves as a less-expensive, at-home alternative to in-office Invisalign treatment. While mail-order dental aligners might seem like a comparable alternative to… Read More

Invisalign: A “Clear” Alternative for Orthodontic Treatment of Dental Misalignment!

While Invisalign aligners are most commonly used to give patients beautiful straighter smiles, they can also be used to correct a misaligned bite. Invisalign treatment can give you not just a straighter smile, but relief from the serious dental problems cause by dental misalignment! Misaligned bites are known as malocclusions…. Read More

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