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Your Annual Insurance Benefit: Use it Don’t Lose It

Your Annual Insurance Benefit: Use it Don’t Lose It

Did you know that if you do not expend the full amount of your annual dental benefit on dental care and treatment in the current fiscal year you will lose it? Those dollars do not roll over to the next year. Do you know if your HSA/FSA account will have the same benefit value in 2019? It could make good financial sense to schedule any dental treatment you may need with us before the end of 2018 to optimize the value of benefit.

The last quarter of 2018 is a great time to evaluate your remaining dental insurance benefits and/or Health Spending Account (HSA) not only for this year, but in order to plan for next year. Dental insurance plans can be difficult to understand. There are frequent changes in coverage from year to year benefits can slip away unused.

Ask your employer directly, or through the HR department at your work, to find out all the details of the coverage the plan they have negotiated for you provides. You can learn more about your specific plan by looking up your provider on the internet. Most dental plan providers have helpful information and frequently asked questions on their websites. You can set up a patient portal and see exactly how much of you benefit can be used toward treatment before the year ends. By knowing your plan and how it changes from year to year, whether your employer changes the plan, or the plan itself changes, you are able to maximize the dental benefits that you are paying for with your insurance premium.

Give us a call or email and our team of patient care experts can help you sort out the details of your plan and answer any questions regarding dental treatment you need, but have delayed scheduling. We have many convenient appointment times available and we want to help you find the best way to maximize the benefits you’ve paid for! New patients welcome!

Hind Bida, Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator

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