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AI at Brookline Dental Specialists

AI at Brookline Dental Specialists

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, changing and improving industries from transportation to education to dental care. In the field of dentistry, AI has the potential to offer things like increased accuracy for dental diagnostics and more effective treatment planning, leading to optimal patient care.

BDS is the leading provider of dental services in the area that has invested in this cutting-edge diagnostic technology. We strongly believe that AI technology, utilized as a diagnostic enhancement tool by our doctors, gives the most accurate diagnoses and most effective treatment plans for optimal dental health.

How is AI Improving Dentistry?

Here are just some of the innovative ways in which AI is improving dentistry:

Accurate Imaging Analysis:

AI can be viewed by a dentist to more accurately analyze dental images, such as x-rays and 3D scans, to identify potential threats to dental health, including cavities, gum disease, and tooth misalignment.

Advanced Diagnostics:

AI is potentially able to improve the speed and consistency of diagnoses, resulting in faster treatment decisions by our doctors for better treatment outcomes.

Effective Treatment Planning:

AI, in conjunction with our BDS dental team’s outstanding diagnostic capabilities, will help create more effective treatment plans. By combining its knowledge of patient records, dental images and existing clinical data, our doctors can provide more personalized options for each patient.

Up-to-the-Minute Research and Data Analysis:

Because AI draws its information from the analysis of large and diverse datasets, it can identify trends, patterns and potential breakthroughs in dental research, advising dental care providers of the latest advancements in dental treatments and materials.

Assured Quality:

AI systems can help assure patients are receiving the highest quality dental care by offering real-time feedback to our dentists as they plan and perform treatments.

Predictive Analytics:

Using the vast amount of data that it can be trained to read, AI may be able to more accurately predict patient outcomes as well as identify at-risk individuals who could benefit from preventive treatments to protect their long-term oral health.

AI at BDS: Videa Assist

At BDS, we have begun to offer our patients one of the very latest AI radiographic software systems available today: Videa Assist. The Videa Assist uses AI to instantly read dental x-rays and identify any potential areas of concern with our patient’s teeth and gums.

Videa Assist’s AI allows us to provide a higher standard of care by detecting areas of decay or cavities that might otherwise have been difficult to see. In fact, studies have found that 100% of dental care providers were able to improve their ability to detect common dental problems when aided by AI technology with 15% fewer false positives.

When x-rays or scans are analyzed by our doctors with Videa Assist, it’s like having your x-rays reviewed by thousands of dental experts, whose high-quality diagnostic work is the basis of the AI’s data bank. In other words, Videa Assist’s AI is always learning from the best and most knowledgeable “teachers”!

When you get an x-ray or dental scan at BDS, Videa Assist immediately reviews these digital files. The speed at which the AI can assess the health of your teeth and gums won’t add time to your dental appointment, but will guarantee that you are getting the best possible dental care.

The future possibilities of using AI in dentistry is exciting to consider and at BDS, we expect to see even more advanced applications of AI in the coming years. We believe that offering AI technology to our patients will enable us to provide even more effective and efficient care, with better and better patient outcomes and healthier smiles!

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