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Are YOU Leaving Your Dental Benefit $$$ on Table?

Every year we see hundreds of patients fail to maximize their annual dental benefit and who forfeit that money when their policy resets in January. Dental policies do not roll over year to year, they reset annually. By scheduling needed treatment before the end of 2019 we can make sure you can use the full value of the benefits you and your family are entitled to!

Dental benefits should be used before the end of the yearA dental benefits policy can help you effectively budget for the care you’ll need to maintain your healthy smile. Most policies are clear and specific about what procedures are covered and exactly how much your out-of-pocket investment will be. Dental benefits may be included as part of your medical insurance plan, or as a standalone policy.

A private dental plan includes providers (dentists) you can choose from based on the dentist you’d like to see or based on what you can afford to pay. Your monthly premiums will depend on the insurance company, your location, and the plan you choose. A typical monthly premium is around $50 a month. That means that you’re spending $600 on dental costs each year whether you get work done, or not.

If your benefit includes FSA, or pre-tax health savings payroll deductions, it is important to use the full value of your benefit each year or you lose the savings that have been deducted! Most policies include an out of pocket deductible before your benefits kick in. If you have already invested the amount of your deductible in dentistry with us, it is wise to be sure and use up the benefits you’re now entitled to use for the year.

If your health and dental insurance come through your employer, you are paying insurance premiums for those benefits. If your dental health is good overall and no needed treatment is pending, use your benefits to be preventative! Schedule your routine hygiene maintenance exams and cleanings to keep ahead of all the issues that can cause more costly dental issues.  down the line. We recommended that most patients see their dental hygienist twice a year for cleaning and an exam with the general dentist. Some patients managing periodontal disease need quarterly cleanings and exams to control the disease and prevent it from worsening. Preventative dental care can help detect and prevent cavities, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, oral cancer and gum disease.

Brookline Dental Specialist patient care coordinatorIt is highly probable that fees and deductibles will increase year to year. Costs increase and insurance is always changing they ways it covers the health care and dental care you need. Your dollars will go farther now to cover the costs than they will in the future.

Our patient care coordinators can help you utilize the benefit remaining in your policy this year. If you have a treatment that requires multiple visits we can schedule the first portion of your treatment now to max the 2019 benefits and then schedule the remaining appointments in January of use the renewed benefit that begins for 2020. Give us a call today and let’s get that recommended treatment scheduled so you can optimize the remainder of your dental benefits before the year ends! 

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