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Taking Charge of Your Health

What’s new at Brookline Dental Specialists in 2021?

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Our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality dental care using the highest Covid 19 safety standards and infection control measures has helped us protect our patients AND our team. We are entirely confident that the dental care you and your family are receiving in the office is safe, and provides important added benefits to your health. Poor dental health can contribute to diseases including diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory illnesses, and even some types of cancer. Preventing decay and infection in the mouth can boost your immunity and help prevent more serious dental problems in the future.

Convenient and Safe Scheduling

In addition to regular weekday appointments, we are also open evenings and weekends. We offer patients lots of options to schedule their care and to safely stagger the number of people in the office at once. Our patient care coordinators work with you to accommodate your needs and concerns about making and keeping your appointments with us. We want to help every patient feel secure about not postponing their hygiene cleanings and any dental treatment that has been recommended.

Digital Dental WorkflowDigital Dental Workflow

Using the latest in 3D digital scanning technology we are able to provide the highest standard of care for our patients. Digital scans, imaging, and software allow us to see things that cannot be captured on traditional 2D black and white traditional dental x-rays. Our digital modeling of your teeth, bite, jaws, and soft tissue features optimize the safety and accuracy of treatment planning. Our periodontal specialist uses digital models to plan dental implants and restorations digitally. The design software is used to create a customized surgical guide that is used to perfect the exact placement of your dental implant. Your entire surgery can be planned and perfected digitally in the computer before your actual procedure takes place.

Botox Injections for TMJ and Pain ManagementBotox Injections for TMJ and Pain Management

World-renowned mentors have trained our dentists in head and neck anatomy and the use of Botox injection therapy to treat jaw pain caused by clenching and grinding teeth, neck pain, and migraine headaches. We can provide complete comfort during treatments with the use of dental anesthetics. Dentists are the ideal choice for this type of treatment because of their extensive knowledge and experience with muscles and jaw function in the maxillofacial area. If you are struggling with head and neck pain ask us for an evaluation of your symptoms at your next appointment.

Our Continuing Commitment to Complete and Convenient Care

It is an important part of our practice philosophy that every patient is special. As a dental team, we take great pride in making your dental experience as friendly, comfortable, and anxiety-free as possible. As multi-specialty care providers, our patients can receive all the dental treatment they need right here in our convenient Brookline location. We can provide, for patients of all ages, specialized and general dental services including orthodontics, preventative and restorative care, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, periodontal care, gum health maintenance, and dental implants. We welcome new patients and look forward to seeing you in the new year!


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! It is a chance for our pediatric dental care providers to spend a little extra time and attention to educating our patients and parents of younger patients about all the benefits of preventive dental care. In our practice, we recommend regularly scheduled fluoride treatment as a preventive oral health measure for kids! Did you know that fluoride can benefit teeth before they even break through the gums? Fluoride ingested from foods, beverages and dietary supplements can make tooth enamel, which is the hard, outer coating on your teeth stronger, and more resistant tooth decay.

After teeth appear, fluoride applied topically on the surface of teeth can rebuild weakened enamel and even reverses early signs of tooth decay. When you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, or use other fluoride dental products like rinse. Fluoride in foods and water continues to provide topical benefits because they mix with your saliva, and constantly bathe the teeth with fluoride which strengthens the tooth enamel.

The American Dental Association (ADA) established National Children’s Dental Health Month over thirty years ago to promote the benefits of starting preventive dental care with kids as soon as first tooth appears to optimize lifelong good oral health. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in the country. Tooth decay affects more children than asthma or hay fever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 40% of children will have some tooth decay by the time they enter kindergarten.

Parents should know that tooth decay is highly preventable. These recommendations are all things you can do to get your child off to a great start with good dental health.

Regularly scheduled dental checkup

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents schedule their child’s first visit to the dentist when the child turns one year of age. First birthday equals first checkup. However, if a parent detects discoloration or staining, they should schedule an appointment right away.

Brush and floss twice each day

The very best tools available to parents are a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. The ADA recommends that parents teach their children to brush for two minutes two times a day—morning and evening at bedtime. Use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and teach your child to avoid swallowing toothpaste. Parents should provide help and supervision until a child is about seven or eight years old.

Limit sugary treats and drinks

This includes avoiding juice between meals. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends limiting juice to four to six ounces per day. Parents can also replace sugary treats with healthy snacks such as cheese, yogurt, and fruit.

Make sure your water has fluoride

Fluoride helps teeth resist acid attacks by strengthening tooth enamel. If your local water supply does not have fluoride, talk to your dentist about fluoride drops or tablets.

National Children’s Dental Health Month is a great time to remind parents that it’s never too early to start your child on the path of good dental health. Habits developed early will become lifelong healthy ones!

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