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Quick and convenient touchless paymentAt Brookline Dental Specialists we value your time and the commitment you have to your care with us. With that in mind, we are excited to announce that we will now be offering our BDS patients fast, one-step contactless payment options with Rectangle a digital payment service provider. Payment options with Rectangle include all forms of contactless payments: digital wallets, touch-to-pay cards, and mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Rectangle utilizes cutting-edge technology for contactless payment methods. You can pay simply by touching your card or mobile device against a card reader to make your payment.

Rectangle Contact-less Payment Benefits at BDS

Time Efficiency

Save time at checkout! With contactless payments, you will not be required to enter a PIN, swipe a debit or credit card, or sign for a transaction. This will conveniently reduce the time spent checking out after your appointment.


Where to pay your billNo need to pull out a wallet. Rectangle will let you make contactless payments using the cards stored in your mobile wallets via a phone or smartwatch. Payment will always be available online through a Rectangle portal on our website as well.


Rest assured, payments made with Rectangle are safe and secure. Contactless payments made with Rectangle are fully encrypted and almost impossible to hack or duplicate. These payments are as secure as EMV chip payments.

Touchless Technology

In the era of COVID, less contact is just good common sense. Transactions with contactless payments never leave your hands, eliminating contact with a card reader, signature pen, or others touching physical payments.


In addition to the benefits of contactless transactions for patient checkouts, Rectangle makes it easy for you to cover outstanding balances without having to come into the office. Rectangle’s text-to-pay option will send you a text message directly to your mobile devices with a secure payment link. Forget having to call the office with a card number or mailing a check; with the secure link, payments can be made from anywhere, at any time. Payments made with text-to-pay mean one less bill to pay, one less bill to worry about paying on time.

Email Payment

Rather get an email than a text? BDS and Rectangle have got you covered. Opting for email payments will give you the ability to receive email invoices with full balance information and a secure gateway link for direct and easy-to-use payments.

Manageable Payment Options

With Rectangle, qualifying patients can opt to enroll in a payment plan which can spread out balances into more manageable monthly payments. Rectangle’s Care Now, Pay Later program enables patients to set up automated weekly or monthly payment installments for much-needed dental care that may seem unaffordable if paid for at one time. Weekly or monthly payments can help you to better budget critical dental care without compromising other financial commitments.

With Rectangle at BDS, you’ll have more control than ever on how and when you can pay your outstanding balance. Whether you chose to pay with our contactless card reader in the office or to pay via the text message or email link, or even finance dental care with Care Now, Pay Later, you will have more safe and secure options than ever before. Give us a call to learn more, or ask us all about it at your next appointment with us!

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