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Summer Smiles!

Summer Smiles!

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Summer is a very convenient time to schedule your dental appointments! When school is out and work schedules slow down for vacations and long weekends. Scheduling summer appointments with us is easy and makes sense compared to other times of the year. Instead of taking time away from work to take yourself or your children to the dentist, the lazy days of summer provide the perfect opportunity.

Brookline Dental Pediatric DentistryIn an effort to make care and treatment more available to patients our office is open every Saturday from 8am-3pm AND we offer parent/child tandem appointments as a helpful option so you can fit more into your busy schedule. We have pediatric specialists on our staff who work with children of all ages, an orthodontic specialist, and we even provide conscious sedation for children and who experience dental anxiety.

Do you or the kids have dental work that will require recovery time? Procedures like wisdom tooth extraction or root canal work often take a day or so of resting to help facilitate optimal healing. Taking a day off to rest in the summer can be lot more fun and relaxing than any other time of year!

Prepping your kids for school often includes check-ups and physicals. By visiting our office for a cleaning, and any other necessary treatment, in the summer you won’t have to be concerned about juggling appointments with school or work time. Your kids will start school with their teeth in perfect shape which means no worries about toothaches or cavities for a while. And, their smiles will be fresh and ready for those school pictures in the beginning of the year!

Dentist Reviewing Teeth for Invisalign or BracesThis is also a great time to set up a free Invisalign consultation! Did you know that braces are not just for kids? We can help you make a treatment plan to straighten your teeth and discover your dream smile. Dr. Mariam Ghavamian, our orthodontic specialist, will make a customized plan for you using state of the digital technology for a safe and optimal outcome. DIY orthodontics, or products that are advertised and on the market that do not include a trained and experienced orthodontist can be unpredictable and risky. Our summer schedule is now open for Invisalign consultations with convenient evening and Saturday appointments.

If snoring wakes you up at night, or you are grinding your teeth when you sleep you could benefit from a sleep appliance to realign your bite and jaws. Do you wake up with a sore jaw, or headache? Let our dental specialists evaluate the cause and create a customized night guard to protect your teeth and help you sleep better. We are scheduling now for the summer sleep consultations and offer convenient appointments including evenings and Saturdays. Let us help get you on a path to better sleep and overall health.

We welcome new patients and have specialists in our practice to provide any care and treatment you and your family may need all in the same convenient location in Brookline. Give us a call today!

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