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Cosmetic Dental February Savings Specials

Cosmetic Dental February Savings Specials

If you’ve been thinking about a cosmetic dental treatment to improve the appearance of your smile, February at Brookline Dental Specialists could be the month to make your vision a reality! For the month of February, BDS is offering specials on some of our most popular cosmetic treatments.

Woman with big white smileSame Day Whitening

As we age, teeth can become discolored due to a multitude of factors. Some are preventable, like discoloration caused by drinking coffee and wine, the consumption of certain foods, or unhealthy habits like tobacco use; some are not-so-preventable, like aging or the taking of certain necessary medications. Whatever the reason your teeth are not are white as you’d like them to be, Brookline Dental Specialists’ Zoom! Whitening treatment can help restore your pearly whites. Zoom! Whitening requires just one office visit to complete treatment and you’ll leave our office with a touch-up kit for home use.

For the month of February, Brookline Dental Specialists is offering patients 20% off Zoom! Whitening treatments which means that for a limited time, you can have a brighter smile for less!


Woman with positive smirk on her faceAt Brookline Dental Specialists, we use Botox Cosmetic primarily to help alleviate the pain caused by TMJ or other temporomandibular joint pain, but our AAFE (American Academy of Facial Esthetics)-trained practitioners are also highly skilled at using Botox Cosmetic to target unwanted facial wrinkling or lining. In fact, as dentists spend years studying facial anatomy, they have extensive hands-on experience in targeting the facial muscles they know so well.

Many of our patients even find that Botox injections given by our practitioners are quicker, and cause less pain, than those given by other health care professionals! For the month of February, Brookline Dental Specialists is offering patients 20% off Botox Cosmetic treatments. So whether you are looking to ease the pain in your facial and neck area due to TMJ or you are looking to erase some years from your face, February is a good month to give Botox Cosmetic treatments at Brookline Dental Specialists a try!


Smiling woman holding Invisalign piece in her hand Invisalign is the modern solution to straightening your teeth. Forget wires and other hardware; with Invisalign, teeth are slowly and gently straightened using discreet, clear plastic aligners that are barely visible to others. Invisalign treatment is easy: you simply wear an aligner most of the day, taking it out to eat, and for taking care of your teeth; every two weeks, you exchange your aligners for a new set. When you come into Brookline Dental Specialists for an Invisalign consultation, our experienced orthodontist Dr. Miriam Ghavamian creates a custom Invisalign program just for you. Using our 3D modeling technology, we can even predict how your smile will look after Invisalign treatment. Knowing how great your smile will look after Invisalign treatment ensures you can feel good about committing to treatment. For the month of February, Brookline Dental Specialists is offering up to $500 off Invisalign treatment with Dr. Ghavamian. If having a straighter smile has been a dream, February is a good month to make that dream a reality!

At Brookline Dental Specialists, we know that while the health of your smile is very important, the appearance of your smile is important as well. We want you to love your smile! With our February cosmetic dentistry specials, we can help you achieve your smile goals for less. New patients are always welcome, give us a call today!

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