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Meet the Dental Specialists at Brookline Dental Associates

Meet the Dental Specialists at Brookline Dental Associates

Often, getting the comprehensive dental care your family needs means spending large amounts of time managing multiple appointments at multiple offices in multiple locations. At Brookline Dental Specialists, we offer a better way to provide high-quality dental care for your entire family.

As a multi-specialty dental practice, we offer specialized dental care, including general, pediatric, cosmetic, orthodontic, endodontic, and periodontal, in one convenient location. We invite you to get to know the well-educated, experienced team of dental specialists at BDS!



Dr. Mariam Ghavamian, D.M.D., M.M.Sc. is BDS’s orthodontic specialists. After receiving her BA at Boston University, she completed a five-year doctorate program at the Harvard School of Dental, earning her D.V.D. She continued her dental education at Harvard with a three-year post-doctorate specialty training program in Orthodontics, combined with a Master of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology.

Dr. Ghavamian has over 20 years of experience providing orthodontic care to both children and adults. As our orthodontic specialist, she is able to provide the most advanced care to our patients, using the latest orthodontic technologies. Whether you opt for traditional braces or innovative clear aligners from Invisalign, Dr. Ghavamian’s years of orthodontics expertise ensures treatments that result in a beautiful, healthy smile.

Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Mary Ghattas, B.D.S, D.M.D. is our pediatric dental specialist. Dr. Ghattas is an award-winning pediatric dentist who completed both her Doctorate of Dental Medicine an

d a specialty training program in pediatric dentistry at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She went on to receive hospital training at the Tufts Medical Center and The Franciscan Hospital for Children.

Dr. Ghattas chose to specialize in pediatric dentistry after realizing that early, positive dental experiences set kids up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. She not only provides our youngest patients with kid-friendly care in office; she has hospital privileges which allow her to treat patients with special needs or extreme dental anxiety using safe, in-hospital pediatric anesthesia. Whatever your child’s dental needs, Dr. Ghattas is sure is make them feel relaxed and comfortable while receiving important dental care.

Periodontal Care


A graduate of the Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Yong Hur, D.D.S, D.M.D., M.S., is the periodontal specialist at BDS. While at Tufts, Dr. Hur earned a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, Periodontal Certification, and a Master of Science degree. Currently, Dr. Hur remains involved in clinical research in dental implants at Tufts.

With his extensive education and continuing research, Dr. Hur is able to provide our periodontal patients with some of the latest advances in periodontal treatment. He provides effective, smile-saving treatments, including dental implants, bone grafting, and tooth extractions. He is also a leading provider of one of the latest advances in periodontal treatment: platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin therapies, which aim to speed up the healing process and regrowth of tooth-stabilizing bone and tissue.

General Dentistry

Dr. Katrina Torres, D.M.D and Dr. Amirali Fattahi D.M.D. are BDS’s general dentists. A former dental hygienist, Dr. Torres received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine and a Periodontal Selective Certificate from the Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Fattahi earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine after graduating from Northeastern University with a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Both Dr. Torres and Dr. Fattahi use the most advanced dental technologies, including digital x-rays and 3D modeling to ensure that every patient at BDS receives the most effective dental care. Additionally, both Dr. Torres and Dr. Fattahi have received specialized training from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics which enables them both to offer Botox therapy, which has been shown to be an effective treatment for the painful symptoms of TMJ disorders. Whatever your general dentistry needs, Dr. Torres and Dr. Fattahi can provide you with advanced dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

With a wide range of dental specialties all available in one convenient location, Brookline Dental Specialists can provide both you and your family with dental care from the emergence of a first tooth to age-related dental issues. Whatever your dental needs, BDS’s knowledgeable, experienced team can ensure healthy smiles that last a lifetime!


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