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Pediatric Anesthesia

Full Pediatric Anesthesia in the Hospital

Another option for your child's dental health

Dr. Mary Ghattas, our pediatric dental specialist, has hospital privileges at Franciscan Hospital in Brighton. She can now perform dental procedures for young patients who need full anesthesia to complete their treatment. If your child needs extensive dental work, has special needs, or extreme dental anxiety we can help! For more information give us a call and we can help you determine if this is a good option for your child’s dental health care needs.

Our pediatric specialist will work with you to make a treatment plan that is right for you and your child. As parents you can help your child have a more positive experience and can contribute to the success of necessary dental procedures that can now be provided in a hospital setting.

Children who need pediatric anesthesia to safely and comfortably receive dental treatment, travel with their parents to Boston from all over Massachusetts to see Dr. Mary. We are committed to helping you overcome the challenges of getting the care your child needs and to a most positive experience and outcome!

Pediatric Dental Patients Who May Benefit from OR/Hospital Anesthesia Services

  • Children with pediatric dental diagnosis requiring oral surgery
  • Children with severe heart defects
  • Children with severe autism
  • Children who require complicated dental work
  • Children who are very young and won’t sit still in a dentist’s chair

About Anesthesia and Pediatric Dentistry

  • A pediatric dentist will only recommend general anesthesia to perform dental treatments if it is needed.
  •  Your child will sleep through the procedure and have no memory of it.
  • There are special rules for eating and drinking at home before the procedure when anesthesia is to be used. Be sure you understand them and follow them carefully.
  • Your child will have some restrictions after the procedure. Talk to the doctor about what to expect.
  • Plan on staying at the hospital for most of the day until the anesthesia has completely worn off and it is safe for your child to go home.

Step by Step Guide for Parents

Step 1
Referral from your doctor/an appointment with Dr. Mary if you don’t have a referral.

Step 2
Gather your child’s medical history information/Pre-op physical and the surgical form.

Step 3
Work with the BDS treatment coordinator to schedule your appointment at the hospital.

Step 4
Arrive at the hospital 2 hours before your appointment for check in procedures.

Step 5
Follow all post-surgical instructions and schedule your follow up appointment at our office with Dr. Mary.

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