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Anxious Dental Patients/Conscious Sedation for Children

Anxious Dental Patients

Keeping your child safe & comfortable during their treatment!

Conscious Sedation for Children

We really love providing dental care for kids! Our whole team recognizes that kids have individual needs and we treat every patient we see with respect and compassion. Some children have more difficulty calming down than others, and if this is the case, Dr. Mary is certified and can offer conscious sedation (nitrous oxide) to keep your child safe and comfortable during their treatment.

One way you can help put your child at ease before dental visits is to simply focus on the positive aspects of dentistry and avoid using words like “needles,” or “drills” that might cause unnecessary fear. Use comments like, “The dentist will show you lots of new, interesting, fun things to help you have a shiny, healthy smile,” can really get them curious and even excited about their appointment with us. Definitely inform your child about the visit and tell them that the dentist will explain everything they need to know and answer all of their questions.