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Dental Implants at Brookline Dental Specialists

Losing a tooth is can be a very stressful experience for just about anyone! Many of our adult patients with missing teeth describe a loss of confidence and comfort when they interact with others. Missing teeth can also dramatically impact a person’s ability to eat and chew normally. Dental implants… Read More

Financing Options for your Dental Care at Brookline Dental Specialists

How to Afford the Treatment You Need! Our patients are encouraged to pursue the best preventive and proactive dental health care we can offer in our practice. Effective care in our office includes annual maintenance and cleaning with a dental hygienist and exams with the dentist. Untreated cavities and tooth… Read More

We Have Vivera! Clear Retainers from Invisalign

Protecting the results of your orthodontic treatment, and your beautiful new smile will require retainers to maintain the position of your teeth and the alignment of your bite. Our orthodontic patients at Brookline Dental Specialists are loving the new Vivera retainer option available in our practice. Our orthodontic specialist, Dr…. Read More

Adult Orthodontics

Did you know orthodontic treatment is not just for teenagers? Many adult patients can also benefit from braces, and achieve a healthy, well aligned, beautiful smile at any age. Some adults who need orthodontic treatment might have worn braces in the past, but stopped wearing retainers and their teeth have… Read More

National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month: Kids’ Care 101

Teach Good Habits Early! At Brookline Dental Specialists, we know that when children develop healthy eating and oral hygiene habits at a young age, they can continue those habits into the teenage years and even adulthood. The earlier the better in fact! As part of National Children’s Dental Health Month,… Read More

Taking Charge of Your Health

What’s new at Brookline Dental Specialists in 2021? Our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality dental care using the highest Covid 19 safety standards and infection control measures has helped us protect our patients AND our team. We are entirely confident that the dental care you and your family are receiving… Read More

2020 Year in Review

As we come to the end of this extraordinary year, it is hard to even imagine our lives as they were last year at this time. With all that has happened in 2020, it is amazing how much there is to be grateful for in our office. The Coronavirus pandemic… Read More

BDS Welcomes Dr. Yong Hur

Periodontal Care in Our Practice We are pleased to introduce Dr. Yong Hur to our BDS team! He is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Periodontal certification, and a Master of Science. Dr. Hur, as our dental implant specialist,… Read More

Why an Appointment With Your Dental Hygienist is More Important Than Ever!

We are happy to announce that our office is re-opened and ready to schedule any overdue dental care that you, or your family needs, or may have postponed because of Covid-19 concerns. Excellent dental care can improve immunity and protect your overall health, and that has never been more important… Read More

COVID-19 Safety Closure

Dear Valued Patients, As our community copes with the fast-moving spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus we hope you and your family are staying safe and in good health during these stressful times. Public officials have asked businesses and schools to remain closed down for additional time. Patients with appointments that… Read More