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Now Providing BOTOX Therapy for TMJ at Brookline Dental Specialists

young man holding his jaw in pain whlie on the phone

More than ten million Americans experience discomfort along their jawline, accompanied by tension, headache, and inability to comfortably open and close their mouths. They experience common symptoms including clicking, popping, or grinding sounds when they chew, yawn, or even when they speak. These symptoms may be an indication of a… Read More

Are YOU Leaving Your Dental Benefit $$$ on Table?

Every year we see hundreds of patients fail to maximize their annual dental benefit and who forfeit that money when their policy resets in January. Dental policies do not roll over year to year, they reset annually. By scheduling needed treatment before the end of 2019 we can make sure… Read More

BACK TO SCHOOL: Dental To-Do List!

Back to school season is upon us! As school year routines resume it is a great time to set up great habits at home that teach kids to care for their teeth and overall oral health. Preventative measures like brushing teeth before bed and in the morning, learning about floss,… Read More

Botox Treatment at Brookline Dental Specialists

Most people who are considering medical cosmetic treatments such as Botox visit a medi-spa or seek out a professional in the cosmetic field to perform such procedures, but what about at your dentist’s office? It may seem unconventional at first, but in fact, your dentist may be just as qualified,… Read More

Is Snoring Negatively Impacting Your Life?

Snore Guard

We Can Help! Most of us are familiar with the uncomfortable and disruptive side effects can occur with sleep disordered breathing, snoring and sleep apnea. About 25% of all people suffer from it, and whiles ometimes it can be harmless, sleep apnea has been known to cause serious health complications…. Read More

Summer Smiles!

Schedule Your Appointment With Us Today Summer is a very convenient time to schedule your dental appointments! When school is out and work schedules slow down for vacations and long weekends. Scheduling summer appointments with us is easy and makes sense compared to other times of the year. Instead of… Read More

Dental Implants: Full Arch Same Day Smile Restoration

Full Arch Implants

Are you missing teeth, are your teeth damaged, or do you struggle with a loose, or ill-fitted denture?  At Brookline Dental Specialists we understand the impact those issues can have on your daily life. It can be difficult to eat, to smile, and can even lower your self-esteem. Our team… Read More

All About Orthodontics: Guidelines for Parents

How do I know if my child will need braces? At what age should they be evaluated with an orthodontist? How do I find an orthodontic specialist that I can trust? What can happen if my child needs braces but doesn’t get them? These are all common and important questions… Read More

National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! It is a chance for our pediatric dental care providers to spend a little extra time and attention to educating our patients and parents of younger patients about all the benefits of preventive dental care. In our practice, we recommend regularly scheduled fluoride… Read More

What is Periodontal Disease Anyway?

Did you know that gum disease, or periodontal disease, affects almost half of the adult population in the US? Nearly 65 million Americans have some gum disease and the symptoms that accompany it, including bleeding gums, gum recession, and tooth sensitivity. Your gums should not bleed when you brush and… Read More